Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Craft Beer is an Investment into the Community

The City of Asheboro is
...growing and thriving... longer a dying community (that's sooo 2008)...
Exactly Where [Four Saints Wants] to Be.

It's taken a little bit of time for this city to begin finding herself again.  It's been eight years since I moved into Asheboro, and she's already become a more interesting, inviting, and inspiring since then.  

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
~St. Augustine of Hippo, a FSBC patron saint

Eight years may seem like a long time; in reality it's a minuscule amount of time.  A lot can change, and a lot can stay the same.  Either way, it's our choice.

That's what our Kickstarter campaign is all about.  It's a way for everyone who wants to see Asheboro continue it's Phoenix rise the chance to back a project that's already getting statewide/national recognition and interest during a time wherein we are not yet fully operational!  Imagine what will happen when we are a licensed operating brewery.
Look at North Carolina destinations like RaleighDurham, Asheville, and Charlotte.  
Craft brewing has brought culture, interest, and progress.  
Craft breweries are good for local economies. They create jobs, contribute to city coffers, are often generous to local charities and causes, and are usually willing to move into areas that are in need of rehabbing. ~ (
Having a craft brewery makes a city even more enticing and adds to a city's signature that it is a place that is growing and evolving.  Craft beer culture is becoming synonymous with the arts and intellectual circles across the nation.  
Why is that so important to Asheboro/Randolph County? 
Connecting the dots between creativity and job creation, [Richard Florida] notes, “The key to economic growth lies not just in the ability to attract the creative class, but to translate that underlying advantage into creative economic outcomes in the form of new ideas, new high-tech businesses and regional growth.”... “Places that succeed in attracting and retaining creative-class people prosper; those that fail don’t.”’s about building community, of creating a mindset that places value on creativity, that nurtures its creators and provides them ways and means to polish their respective crafts. ~ YES Weekly (

What kind of impact can a concentration on attracting and maintaining a creative (whether artistic, intellectual, or technological) culture in Asheboro/Randolph County?
A recent yearlong study conducted in Guilford County, the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofits arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States, showed these industries generated more than $118 million dollars annually in Guilford County with $11.3 million dollars in local and state government revenues and supported 4,269 full-time equivalent jobs with more than $70 million dollars going directly back into the local economy.  ~ News 14 (

Our Kickstarter campaign gives everyone the opportunity to stand-up and support a community initiative.  EVERYONE.  A strong community is supported by both blue and white collars.  

The people and businesses who back Four Saints Brewing Company are doing more than saying they enjoy Great Beer

This is about more than that.

It's about Great People looking towards the future of this area and being ready to take the necessary steps to reach the next milestone.  Four Saints Backers are these great people chipping in to make this happen, and proud of the statement they've made.

It's about Great Community.  It's about moving past the single qualifier -"Oh, that's where the Zoo is!".  Four Saints Brewing Company is about an ascension to more: art galleries, creative business ventures, cultural events, and a community centered brewery.  

Asheboro/Randolph County has the moniker of the "Heart of North Carolina". 

Four Saints Brewing Company wants to be part of this strong heartbeat.  
Be part of this initiative to make this community's heartbeat even stronger by helping FSBC get off the ground.

Thank you for your time, pledge(s), support, and the sharing of our story and vision.
I look forward to pouring you a pint or two in the near future.

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